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Train Tickets Booking

Traveling by train within Russia is one of the best ways to explore the country and to get the unforgettable impressions.

We will be pleased to assist you in purchasing train tickets within Russia and neighbour countries.

Electronic train tickets

The most convinient and contemporary way is to use train E-tickets for travelling within Russia. Electronic train tickets ordered in our company will be sent to your e-mail address. When you receive your E-ticket, print it and exchange for a boarding pass at the Russian train station at the booking office or using the special e-terminal. We recommend you to arrive to the train station at least 1 hour before departure for e-ticket exchange. Since recently some Russia trains use only e-tickets without getting a boarding pass at the train station. We will warn you about it.

Paper train-tickets delivery

The railway system of Russia “RZD” is using mostly electronic tickets, but for some itineraries of the transiberian route still paper tickets are required. In this case we will issue a ticket and deliver it to your home or office. Please note that worldwide delivery is extra charged. Tickets are issued in our Saint Petersburg or Moscow office and can then be picked up to any address in Moscow or Saint Petersburg or send via international express delivery service.

Paying for your tickets

After you receive confirmation of your successful reservation from our managers, you will be provided a credit card authorization form, allowing you to pay for your tickets with a bank card. Please have this form faxed or scanned and then emailed to us. After your card is charged, tickets will be issued and sent you by email. Tickets may also be paid for in cash in our Moscow and Saint Petersburg offices or through wire transfer.

Ticket Returns and Penalties

Already purchased train tickets may be refunded any time before the departure and up to 3 hours after the train had departed. If you refund your train ticket purchased through us more than 3 days before departure you receive fare paid less 20EUR per each segment. If You refund the ticket less than 3 days before departure or in 3 hours after departure the additional penalties depend on when the ticket refunds and may be up to 50% of the ticket price. A delivery fee is not a subject of refund since delivery has been performed. Tickets returned more than 3 hours after the train had departed cannot be processed for a refund. For international destinations special penalty politics are applied.


  • Note, that due to the rules of Russian Railways, train tickets can be obtained not earlier than 45 days before departure.
  • There are no such things as "open tickets" in Russia and you can't do stopovers (unless you get a separate ticket for each part of the journey).


Just send us your request by e-mail or call us by phone +7 812 985 64 34. We will provide you the full necessary information regarding timetable and prices. Our managers will process it within 3 hours and respond to you in detail.


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