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Classic Tours Ltd is a Russian incoming tour-operator founded in 2003. We organize the full spectrum of land travel services in Russia for individuals and groups, as well as incentive and thematic tours. We offer escorted VIP-tours as well as low-budget tour packages. Our aim is to treat our customers with Russian warmth and with European level of services.

We affiliate with over 80% of the Saint Petersburg hotels and have the opportunity to provide very good group prices and discounts.

Our 8-years experience in the incoming tourism make us an ideal partner for travel agencies and external tour operators who want to plan unforgettable, comfortable and efficient travel itineraries for their clients.

We currently deal with a number of tour-agents across the world - in Europe, in Latin and South America, in Asia and Japan.

The reason we are doing this is not just we know how important your are, but also:

  • We care for those travel agencies who have been working with us.
  • We know that the better sales you have, the more business we will get.
  • We want to do something special for our clients.
  • We prefer our potential guests dealing with you directly than dealing with us due to problems of international payments and flights.
  • We have all the Russia travel information on our finger tips.

We provide good commission to travel agents.

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