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Airline Tickets Booking

We offer you special fares for international flights to/from Russia and CIS countries.

We also issue domestic air-tickets within Russia and CIS countries. We accept all forms of payment - credit cards, bank transfers and cash. We operate with electronic e-tickets.

Today customers know how to handle Internet and find the information, including knowing how to buy tickets online. And this experience is already clear that the ticket prices are relative and depend on many things. For example, tickets for nearby dates are always more expensive to not be tickets at the last minute with a risk of not being ready to take the case, not everyone likes to take risks in this way. Best choice of tickets in advance.


The dates of the flights are very significant for the air fare. We can advise the most economical dates unless you are very important to you the exact dates.

Also strongly influences the acquisition of economy class air ticket for each fare class business and have in the system only 9 tickets, when you run out, prices are changed into more expensive. And since the system of airline ticket is international (AMADEUS), nobody knows how long will the tickets for the same price. Therefore, we can always give them information on tickets at the current time.


If you have seen a cheap flight and within a couple of days and no, you can expect to see if someone makes a reservation and you can buy the ticket with a cheaper price, but you can not know what can happen can be even more expensive.


Very important to know which flight you prefer, if direct flight (but not in all cases, because there are no developed airports worldwide and a transfer must be made mandatory). There are flights with a stop and plane change and are cheaper than direct flights. Also influence the destinations, there are cheaper, a city economic fly over the other with a common destiny, as the airports have different rates. Some have international flights (more than a thousand a day and charge less and others only one hundred and charge more).


It's good to know that you can now buy tickets combined in different destinations and this ticket will be unique as round-trip. For example, instead of taking the ticket from Madrid to Moscow, Moscow-Madrid, you can buy Madrid-Moscow, St. Petersburg Madrid if the circuit is finished in St. Petersburg. It's cheaper than buying two separate one-way tickets.

The flight schedules are very important to find a good price. If the flight is early morning or evening, or should we wait for the shuttle for many hours, the bill in these cases are cheaper. If the flight is comfortable is more expensive. But our job is to find the balance point for each individual client, offering various options, tailored to their needs where they can choose which option will be most advantageous for you.


The reservation system is a fair bit, you get only 24 hours to buy the ticket after booking, if not paid the fare, the reservation is automatically canceled. In case of transfer to another bank, takes a couple of days, but may send the payment receipt by e-mail to our operator and we can buy it for you

Each airline ticket is different, each air ticket has its laws, its changes admitted or not admitted, return possible or impossible. On each ticket must be informed before you buy if you're not sure you will fly. Normally be advised to buy the air ticket when your journey is sure that after the returns require changes or costs and are not few. There is sure we can process it for you that is a sure return air ticket that covers 100% of the price, not including benefits for tour operators...


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